Tuesday, 22 September 2015

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After a newly rediscovered device for interstellar travel malfunctions drastically, biologist Alexis Sims ends up stranded on Iridia, a planet thought to have been rendered lifeless by terrible warfare centuries ago. To her surprise, Alexis soon discovers Iridia is home to a hardy tribe of warriors—primitive savages, to her eyes—who have found a way to survive on this harsh world. Ayron, a tough, skilled hunter, rescues Alexis and brings her to an underground city.

Once there, it rapidly becomes apparent that her place in this society will be quite different from what she is used to back on Earth. When she resists being stripped and bathed, she is held firmly over Ayron’s strong thighs for the first spanking of her life. Then after a thorough, intimate examination demonstrates her suitability as a mate, Alexis is turned loose in the outlands. The hunter who captures her will win the right to publicly lay claim to her in front of the entire city.

Though Ayron is undoubtedly the mightiest of the hunters, since the tragic loss of his family he has lived in grief. But when he comes upon Alexis naked in a cave, cowering before one of the most brutish men of the tribe, instinct wins out and he fights for her, defeats his foe, and takes her as his mate.

Despite her shock at his primitive ways, Ayron’s raw masculinity and utter dominance excites Alexis beyond anything she’s ever known, and soon she is blushing red and quivering with desire as he claims her in every way he pleases. Her need for him quickly grows into something much deeper, but even as he protects her from the dangers of a hostile planet she wonders whether she can ever truly heal his wounds and take her rightful place in his heart.

Publisher’s Note: His to Claim is a stand-alone book set in the same world as His to Command. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

She took a few running steps, made another turn - and came face to face with Ayron.
“You’re alive!”
He grabbed her by the arm and shook her.  “No thanks to you.  Where in the name of all the gods did you think you were going?  Haven’t you learned you can’t survive out there all alone?”
“But I…”
He never gave her time to finish.  He grabbed the torch from her hand and shoved it into a crevice along with his own.  Then he dropped onto a nearby rock and pulled her face-down over his lap.  His hand cracked down on her naked bottom.
“I’ll teach you not to run away,” he growled, smacking her again.  
“Stop it!  I was only…”
Another vicious whack took her breath away.
“I don’t care what you thought you were doing.  You will nevernevernever leave my side again without permission.  Do you understand?”
He emphasized his words with harsh blows from the flat of his hand.  Lexi thought he’d spanked her hard when she refused to take off the cylerian.  But that had been nothing compared to the thrashing he was intent on delivering.  His palm connected with her bare bottom again.  She heard the crack, then hissed as the pain took hold, searing her tender skin with another lick of fire.
It was every bit as bad as the searing rays of the sun had been.  Worse, because she couldn’t escape into darkness, couldn’t cloak herself to stop the agony.  Every attempt she made to explain only seemed to fuel his outrage, earning her more fierce whacks.  She struggled against him.  But when her body rubbed up against the rock-hard bulge under his garment, it seemed to make him even angrier.
“You won’t be using that sweet little pussy to change my mind!  Not this time. You’re getting the spanking you deserve.  The spanking I should have given you long ago…”

Kallista’s Bio
        Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or dance or paint.  I have but one talent.  I am a weaver of words.  I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.
        As a little girl I was afraid to take risks.  But when I grew up, I vowed never to let the thrills in life pass me by because of fear.  Since then, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, gone scuba diving in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail. But the greatest risk I’ve taken is sharing my naughtiest secret fantasies in the books I write.

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  1. Hi Kelly and Kallista, love the sound of this, sounds intriguing and enjoyed the snippet. He definitely means business! Thank you both :)