The Ways/Code of the West

Cowboys have always been my heroes. 
And when I discovered the old black and white TV show Rawhide, I was hooked!
Of course, it helped that there's several spanking scenes on Rawhide (which I've watched over and over again 😉) and some of those drovers were pretty sexy too! 
(Especially trail boss Mr Favor played by Eric Fleming, ramrod Rowdy Yates played by Clint Eastwood, and scout Pete Nolan played by Sheb Wooley). 
I fell in love with these drovers on the long cattle drive, and started writing stories for them in my head - complete with gunfights, danger, baddies, and plenty of spankings!


The Ways of the West tells the story of an unlikely pair - a young Boston woman and a grubby drifter cowboy named Johnny.

My first ever Amazon Bestseller
it reached the Top 10 in two categories: #2 in Erotic Westerns and 
#10 in Historical Erotica!
It's available exclusively on Amazon and is also in KU  💜

What are readers saying about it?
"This is an enjoyable read that should delight even those who are not as crazy about westerns and cowboys as me.... This story had some twists and turns and is ultimately a very sweet and touching love story. The main characters are well developed and interesting. The dialog is believable, the secondary characters interesting." - Leigh Smith, Spanking Romance Reviews

The sexy drovers wouldn't leave me alone, though, and the sexy trail boss Wes Jordan needed his own woman to love. 
The Code of the West is Mr Jordan's story.

Another Amazon Bestseller, it hit the Top 10 in both the Erotic Westerns and Historical Erotica categories! 

It's also available exclusively on Amazon and in KU  💜

What are readers saying about it?
"So sexy and hot! There are big strong men who protect and love their women." - Amazon customer

"My favorite secondary character from the first book in this series, trail boss Wes Jordan, takes center stage as a main character in this latest standalone western from Kelly Dawson. He is every bit as deliciously stern in this book as in the previous, but in The Code of the West the reader gains the pleasure of witnessing the softer side of Mr. Jordan, due to his relationship with a certain Jedda-Lyn Cross, a woman as interesting as her name. Like the first book, this one made me feel like I'd been catapulted into the Wild West alongside the characters, complete with the taste of kicked up sand in my mouth and the sound of galloping hooves in my ears. I read the book straight through, couldn't put it down, because I became engrossed in not just the romance, but also the adventure. Hope to see another in the series!" - A. Smarts, Amazon review

The Ways of the West and The Code of the West have been combined into 
one paperback volume: The Heart of the West.
Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble 
or contact me directly if you would like a signed copy!

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