Sunday, 19 April 2015

Sneak Peek Sunday *Anna's Cowboy*

Welcome to my blog, thank you for visiting! This is my first-ever Sneak Peek Sunday blog post and I've got something different this time. 

The WIP I'm sharing today is romance - rural romance - set in New Zealand. There's no spankings in this one though, but it does contain my favourite characters: ruggedly handsome cowboys and the strong, stubborn women who love them. 

I don't own the credits for this photo - I nicked it off Pinterest (check out my new heroes board here for more drop-dead-gorgeous cowboys who inspire me) but meet Todd - Anna's cowboy. 

Blurb: Anna’s Cowboy is the story of a young woman who, newly-acquired Ag Degree in hand, has come home to run the family farm, only to find her old-fashioned father, who still thinks women belong in the kitchen, won’t let her; and the ruggedly-handsome rodeo cowboy who has taken her place.
A rodeo injury forces Todd out of action for several weeks, giving Anna the opportunity to realise her dream – she’s running her beloved farm, single-handedly. Until her father finds out and kicks her off the place. After being forced to leave and return to the big smoke, Anna realises Todd has not only stolen her place on the farm, he’s stolen her heart.
Can she forget Todd and make a life for herself in the city, or will she follow her heart whatever the cost?

Here are my 6 paragraphs: 

“I told you there’s no place here for you!  Not on the farm, not here in the office, not in the accounts.  It’s mans’ work!” He fair shouted at her, pointing a shaky finger at her accusingly.
Anna took a deep breath, tears pricking at her eyes.  Rejected again, just because I’m a girl.  It’s so unfair!  “The man you’ve hired to do the job can’t keep up with the workload!  It’s too much! You should be THANKING me Dad, those books were a mess!  Took me hours yesterday to sort it out!”
“I’ll NEVER thank you for poking your nose in where it doesn’t belong!  Go back to the city, go back to your job.  If Todd needs more help he can hire himself a MAN.  You’re not needed here.”  The voice was so harsh, so strong, so firm, it sounded wrong coming from a man who looked so old and broken.

“But I want to be here, Dad.  I can help! Please give me a chance!" 
“No!” The word was abrupt, and the old man spun around in his chair too quickly, nearly losing his balance.  His hands scrabbled around on the desk top trying to right himself.  Quickly, Anna stepped forward to help him, but he swatted at her outstretched hand.  “I don’t need no help from you,” he muttered.
Dejected, Anna turned away.  It was pointless, she knew it.  But at the same time, she wasn’t prepared to give up.  This farm was in her blood, it was her home.  She wanted to run it more than she wanted to do anything else.  And if there was one thing she’d inherited from her father, it was stubbornness. She straightened her shoulders with a determination she didn’t really feel.  She wasn’t giving up.  She just had to come up with a plan. 

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  1. Who doesn't love a cowboy! You had me at the pic you used on Sneak Peek Sunday. I like Anna, rejected in man's world, she's going to prove them ll wrong... tough and determined. Must red more of this!

  2. I'm with Debbie, the pic hooked me :) But also the fact of your books being sweet romance taking place in New Zealand? Adding your blog to my favorites :)

    1. Thanks so much Bree! Yep the picture is pretty hot, huh? I've no idea who that guy *really* is but I wouldn't mind meeting him! :)

  3. Can't resist cowboys :) love the pic too. I love how determined Anna is. I have a feeling she will show them just how capable she is.


    1. Thanks Roz! Yep Anna is certainly determined :)