Wednesday, 3 June 2015

C is for CHESS

Welcome to my blog for this, the 3rd day of the #SpankA2Z Challenge I'm so pleased to have Ashe Barker visiting my blog today with her book "Unsure" :)

Hello, and thank you Kelly for inviting me over to your blog on the third day of the June A to Z spanking blog hop. Today, C is for Chess, a game I love and which was featured in my Sure Mastery series.

Anyway, back to the chess. I was in the chess team at school, and even captained our squad on one momentous occasion. A bit of background ... the boards are numbered 1-6 in descending order of player skill. The number 1 players are pitted against each other, as are the number 2s, the 3s and so on. 
Our team wasn't that good, we almost always lost. So, for a bit of an experiment, I switched everyone around. I put our number 6 player against their number 1, on the grounds that she would lose anyway. Our number 1 player though made short work of their number 3. In fact our top players won on all the bottom boards, and we drew the match. 

The headteacher was livid, said it was unsporting. She may have been right. But I still maintain it was worth trying. I was never asked to captain the team again.
Here's a snippet from Unsure, book one in my Sure Mastery series. Ashley and Tom are playing strip chess, a sport definitely not on the curriculum in my rather austere girls' school. Anyway, see how you like this version of the game.

A couple of minutes later Tom’s grabbed a couple of bottles of Budweiser from the drinks fridge in the corner of the room and they’re now opened, standing on the table beside the chessboard. Along with three condoms he’s produced from somewhere. Taking his seat opposite me again, he smiles at me, totally relaxed.
“Three?” I ask, staring at the condoms.
“Enough to see us through till suppertime. Probably. I’ve plenty more, though, if you’re feeling especially lively today. I bought in extra supplies with you in mind, Ashley.”
Really no answer to that, so I settle for just blushing.
He grins, and continues, “Ready to begin, Ashley? Okay then, the rules. For every chess piece of yours I take off the board, or every time I put you in check, you remove an item of clothing. Shoes count as one item. Same goes for me, if you take any of my pieces. Once one of us is naked—and, sweetheart, that’s going to be you—you continue to pay your forfeits by kissing me, until the end of the game. And if I checkmate you, when I checkmate you, I get to fuck you. Agreed?” I can only stare at him, still a little stunned at this turn of events, and not least at the fact that I’m actually intending to play.
I’m not protesting so he assumes my silence to be consent. “Your move, Ashley.” And he sits back to watch me, and wait.

You can get your hands on Unsure in the usual places...

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  1. Loved this Ashe, that's definitely one way to make a game of chess even more interesting! lol. Thank you both for sharing :)


    1. Thanks Roz, I thought it was a great snippet too :)

  2. Thanks for having me over on your blog, Kelly. Hope you're having a great time with the A-Z challenge.

    1. Thanks for visiting Ashe! I'm having so much fun :)