Thursday, 4 June 2015

D is for DECEIT

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I can't think of an action that deserves a spanking more than deceit. It's worse than disrespect, worse than blatant disobedience, and much worse than endangering oneself. It erodes trust and in my experience, can have life-long implications. Because I'm not willing to share my personal experiences of deceit, I'm sharing a snippet out of my brand new release instead:

“Because you deserve it. Reading my texts, sending a text off my phone while pretending to be me, then trying to hide the evidence, is deceitful. The message you sent was nasty, and not at all something I would write. And it wasn’t necessary. So yes, you deserve a spanking. But also, to remind you that I care.” ...

A few days later:

... “Yet you’re perfectly happy to upset me by spanking me unfairly.” She wanted to beat a hasty retreat, but she was hungry, and she knew she would have to face James sooner or later, so she thought it best to try and argue her way out of her impending punishment.
“How is spanking you for deceit and unkindness, unfair?” James asked.
Rachel shrugged. “It just is.”
“That is the most pathetic argument I’ve ever heard. Come here, let’s get this over with.” James patted his thigh. Rachel shook her head and didn’t move.
“Uh-uh. I’m not making this easy for you. If you want to be cruel, you can come and get me.” Then she took off running for her bedroom where she slammed the door behind her.
Only a few seconds later James pushed open her door. “You really need to put a lock on that door if you want to keep people out.”

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  1. Oh she definitely deserves a spanking! Great excerpt Kelly. "But also to remind you that I care". Love that :)