Saturday, 6 June 2015

F is for ... My FAVOURITE things!

Hello and welcome to my blog! As you know, I'm taking part in the June Challenge: Spanking A-Z

Back when I was at school, in the dim dark ages of the 90s, friendship books were all the rage. You know the ones - question after question of 'favourite' and 'worst' of every subject under the sun.

I thought it would be fun to do that on here. But I'm not doing 'worsts' and there's just 10 random questions. Read on to get to know more about me ...

Favourite colour: Pink. Isn't it obvious?

Favourite food: Chocolate. Specifically, white Lindt Lindor. I could be bribed to do anything with that gourmet treat!

Redstone StationFavourite book:  I read anything I can get my hands on, although rural romance is my favourite genre.
I love most spanking romance, but to list my favourite spanking romance books here would take all day, so I'll stick with mainstream: Therese Creed's Redstone Station is a book I have read twice so far, and will no doubt read again one day soon, it is that good. A debut novel too, written by a mum of 4 (now 5 I think) young kids, which makes it even better! Women CAN do it all!

Favourite movie: I can't narrow it down beyond 3. Here they are: 
    My new favourite movie!              Love Jack and Rose!               The Man from Snowy River (1982) - Australian 19th Century
In case you're not familiar with these they are: 
The Outsider, Titanic and The Man from Snowy River. Awesome movies!

Favourite animal: With the exception of rodents, I love all animals, but these are my favourites: 

Playful dolphins in Bahamas.  I got an opportunity to swim with the Dolphins.  It was amazing, truly a dream come true!!!Beauty---Bellos ojos, mas bellos si ven bien. Conrrolate cada año. Lee en nuestro blog "Como descar frente a la PC" y otros
I've been lucky enough to work with horses all my life, and for my 17th birthday I got to swim with dolphins - awesome!

Favourite car: Pink Cadillac. I've never owned one, but it is my dream car. I have had two pink cars though - a pink Mini and a pink Honda City Cabriolet - a Barbie car!

Favourite singer: Keith Urban

Favourite song: The River sung by Garth Brooks. It's so inspirational

rodeo cowboy prints
Favourite sport: I'm not a sporty person. I am probably the most un-coordinated person on the planet. But I love playing tennis (badly) riding horses, watching all horse sports, and rodeo - particularly barrel racing. 

Favourite TV show: Australian show Home and Away is my favourite show that's on now, my favourite character is Brax. 

Brax (home and away Australia)
The Eric Fleming Home PageBut of course there's no going past Rawhide which my Dad watched as a kid. I've got the first 5 seasons on DVD and am slowly working my way through. Awesome show!

As always, I don't own any of these pictures. I stole them all off Pinterest, my favourite go-to place for procrastinating. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, please come back again tomorrow to see what I've done with "G" ... in the meantime, the other bloggers participating in this challenge are below:

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