Monday, 15 June 2015

O is for ...Olden Day Story

Welcome to my blog. I'm participating in the #SpankA2Z June Challenge which is so much fun! 

Today is O for Olden day story!

When we were kids, my sister and I used to love asking Grandma to tell us stories from the "olden days" when she was a kid. We're talking 1920s - 1930s so not exactly the dim dark ages, but it was her stories that sparked my love for historical romance. I'm attempting to write my first-ever historical, a Western, set on a trail drive in the 1860s, inspired by the old TV show Rawhide.

Here's a snippet:

Whirling the pony around, the Indian took off at a gallop after the other Indians, abandoning whatever plans they may have had for the remuda.
NFRexperience.comJessica struggled violently. She knew she had to get away. She worked at the gag in her mouth with her teeth and tongue, trying desperately to spit it out so she could scream; at the same time her fingers worked at the knot restraining her wrists. She was rolling her body and kicking, doing everything she could to roll off the pony, but her captor held her fast. Her struggles didn’t even seem to bother him – he just kept galloping his pony after the others, not even noticing her efforts at escape.

Finally, her tongue loosened her gag enough for her to spit it partially out of her mouth. She took as big a breath as she could and screamed at the top of her lungs, an ear-piercing screech that echoed over the plains and jolted the Indian into action. Raising his fist he brought it down hard on the side of her face. Jessica felt a dull thudding pain momentarily, then everything went black.

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  1. Hi Kelly, good on you for branching out in your writing. Wishing you all the best with your new book. Enjoyed the excerpt, I was hooked all the way through. Oh boy, sounds like she is in trouble. Ouch!


    1. Thanks Roz! She is in trouble but she gets rescued, of course :)