Friday, 19 June 2015

S is for ... Spanking in the Stables!

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I'm participating in the June Challenge Spanking A - Z 

Being spanked in the stables has been a long-held fantasy of mine. Imagine it ... that unbeatable scent of horses, hay and hard feed; being bent over a hay bale or a saddle rack by a sexy, muscular cowboy, butt bared, for a spanking with a riding crop, stirrup leather, or piece of harness ... the opportunities are endless!

I see no reason to leave this unpinned... What a beautiful horse. Mmmm  July 8 2014 Happy Tattoo Tuesday! Alicia White shared this and I just had to share it again because it makes me happy. Yes, he does have a tattoo. Look closely and enjoy a few warm, Cowboy kisses. How is your Tuesday going?As cute as all the animals are, as pretty as all the scenery is, you can't beat cowboys

Just part of my collection of spunky cowboys who can spank me in the stable any time!

My sweet equestrian spanking romance Bracken Ridge features plenty of hot spanking action in the stables! Read on for one of my favourite scenes:

Jeremy narrowed his eyes at her then kicked the tack room door shut with a bang. Grabbing a stirrup leather off the wall, he pushed her forward over an empty saddle horse and held her down with one hand in the small of her back. Stunned, Anna lay there for a minute without resisting, and then she realised what was going on. She tried to stand up, but Jeremy held her down.
“Stay still,” he ordered her sternly. Then he spanked her hard with the stirrup leather.
Anna wriggled and kicked and Jeremy stopped spanking her. “Either you stay in position and take this spanking or you can take your jeans off and we start again. What’s it going to be?”

“I’ll stay still.”

 If you enjoyed the excerpt you can buy it here!

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  1. The stables offer so many possibilities :) Loved the excerpt Kelly :)