Tuesday, 23 June 2015

U is for UNDERWEAR!!!

Underwear is so important in a spanking scene. Do they get left on or taken off? Up or down? Are they sexy, sheer, lacey knickers, a matching lingerie set or manky old granny-undies that were a last resort because Mt. Washmore is in the laundry? Whatever the underwear, they have a place in spanking fiction.

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Here's a snippet from my new release Rachel's Journey:

After one final hefty spank, he stopped and sat her up in front of him. “Of course I care. You know I care. But we have to leave it to the Police. If he had an alibi, then he had an alibi and there’s nothing we can do.” James smiled at her, trying to comfort her.
Rachel looked devastated. “But it’s not fair! He’s going to get off scot-free!” She stood up then, hauling her trackies back up into position and rubbing her sore butt.  “What are you smiling at?” Rachel asked James, glaring at him for good measure.
“Wondering where on earth you got those exotic undies from?”
“You shouldn’t be looking at my undies!” she exclaimed in mock-horror, blushing.
“I was spanking your backside – it was a bit hard not to!”
“You shouldn’t have spanked me then, should you?” she retorted, still blushing.
“You should have behaved then, shouldn’t you?” James responded, his throaty chuckle turning into full-on laughter. “And you got off lightly, anyway! You punched me, insulted me, swore at me … need I go on?”

In case you're interested, the underwear in question were green boy-shorts, stretched tight :)

Blurb:  Rachel was such a loser. Growing up with Tourette's Syndrome has taught her that. Who could possibly want someone who contorted their faces in bizarre twitches or snorted at random? Not even Mike, the man who had promised he loved her, had been able to put up with it. She broke up with him when she caught him cheating on her during their great overseas experience, promptly flying back home to hide and lick her wounds.
James was the manager for the 850 acre farm she and her brother Simon had inherited.  She liked James. He'd always treated her nicely, like an honorary little sister, and she'd had a crush on him forever. Not that she could ever tell him. She wasn't going to set herself up for rejection ever again.
But when it seems that someone is out to harm her, can she count on James to come to her rescue?
Set in rural New Zealand, this epic romance will thrill you and keep you captivated, enchant you with charming detail and inspire you, as learning to overcome adversity ultimately is Rachel's Journey.

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  1. Great fun excerpt Kelly, love that she told him he shouldn't have spanked her lol


    1. LOL I love that part too ... I love Rachel's fire :)
      Thanks for visiting!

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