Sunday, 20 September 2015

~ Check out Alex Reynold's New Release! ~

I am so honoured to have Alex Reynolds on my blog today sharing her brand new release The Sheriff's Little Girl! I found Alex on the internet a long time ago (long before I admitted my kink) so being able to share in the excitement of her new book is so cool! And this book looks great - it's on my ever-growing TBR list :)

You can find Alex here: Alex's blog and Amazon author page

After twenty-four-year-old Julie catches her boyfriend selling drugs out of a rehab clinic and he threatens to hurt her if she tells anyone about it, the world suddenly seems like a much harsher, more dangerous place. When she shows up at Sheriff Peter Mitchell’s office and explains the danger she’s in, it doesn’t take him long to decide that she needs to come home with him so he can watch over her while his men set up a sting operation to catch the man who threatened her.

Peter is more than ready to protect Julie from anyone who might try to harm her, but he is far less ready for just how badly the lazy, spoiled girl is in need of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom. Yet when he takes matters into his own hands and gives her the first spanking of her life, he finds that he wants nothing more than to hold her in his lap and comfort her afterwards.

Nobody has ever made Julie feel secure and loved the way Peter does, and soon she’s calling him daddy as he dresses her, gives her baths, puts her to bed, and makes sure she’s not scared of the dark. Peter will not put up with naughtiness from his little girl, and when she misbehaves his punishments leave her bottom burning and her cheeks blushing red, yet when he takes her in his arms and shows her how a man should love a woman her sore backside is quickly forgotten. But the stress of the ongoing investigation isn’t quite so easy to forget. Can Julie learn to trust her daddy to keep her safe no matter what?

Publisher’s Note: The Sheriff’s Little Girl is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Stand up, bend over, and put your hands on the seat of the chair,he ordered.
Julie stumbled to her feet and did as she was told, trying to keep her legs as closed as possible, but knowing that her thin thighs did little to hide her most private areas.
Peter must have noticed her attempts to keep her legs shut.
Spread your legs a little bit. You know that you cant hide your pretty little pussy from me.
Julie felt her face growing hot as she slowly inched her legs just slightly apart.
“Wider,” her daddy ordered.
She slid them just another inch further.
Peter responded by grabbing her leg and pulling it to where he wanted it to be, and giving her a light swat on her now exposed vulva.
Now thats better,” he told her with a grin. The embarrassment of exposure is part of what makes this punishment effective.
Julie couldnt stop blushing, unsure of what her daddy was going to do next.
He took a stance behind her and reached for his belt buckle.
Realization flashed in Julies mind. She felt a mixture of panic and of strong curiosity. What will this even feel like? she wondered.
Arch your back,Peter instructed.
Julie did her best to do as she was told while she was still craning her head around to see what was going on behind her. She was mesmerized by Peters hand as he unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it through the loops.


  1. Hi Kelly and Alex, I enjoyed reading this. Great excerpt, sexy and hot! Congratulations on the new release Akex, love the sound of this :)


    1. I think it sounds great too :) Thanks for visiting, Roz!

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for having me today. I really appreciate it! :)