Friday, 18 September 2015

New Release by Devlin O'Neill

Blurb: A half-century ago, The Avengers TV show blazed across the Atlantic and into the heart and mind of a very young Devlin O’Neill.  Now he presents his extravagant homage to this classic programme and its iconic characters.
The scene has shifted to Neverwasnia, O’Neill’s vast but private world, where his players are able to live out their fantasy roles, guided by the stern hand of an expert spankophile and master storyteller.
Jon Reed and Ella Teal, the dedicated professional and the talented amateur, are back, in dazzling black and white and living colour. They take up where they left off fifty-some years ago, as once more a dastardly mastermind appears to challenge the pair’s calmly superlative and ultra-British skill and aplomb.
The smoothly wicked arch-villain in this latest epic performs at his fiendish worst, abducting young, comely women from the very Ministry that employs our heroes, and Reed and Teal must again put themselves in harm’s way in order to save the country from evildoers. Shockingly, Ella’s bum is the primary target of this handsome scoundrel’s nefariousness, which leaves our Mrs. Teal wide-eyed with amazement, as well as anticipation.
Come with us now to the sparkling clear landscapes and foggy, frightful moors of far off, but oh so close, Neverwasnia, and read a tale you thought never could be told. 

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Excerpt: As the dust of the crash settled, and Mrs. Teal glared at Mr. Reed’s disarming smile, a small paper rectangle wafted its way down toward her. With an eye roll, she reached out and snatched it from the air as suddenly and fiercely as a mongoose bites a hooded cobra.
Mrs. Teal, read one side of the calling card; We’re needed, announced the other.
Reed quickly discarded his rappelling harness and leather gloves, and brushed a few sprinkles of shattered glass from the sleeves of his perfectly tailored, six-button, Fond Street suit jacket. Mrs. Teal brandished the calling card at him like a stiletto.
“We are quits, Reed. I thought I had made that abundantly clear a year ago.”
He smiled his most charming, most disarming smile, and stepped forward to offer his arm.
“You are looking so very well, my dear, and your gymnastic skill continues to astound. Oh, and I must say that your ensemble does, indeed, become you.”
She sighed and, once again, rolled her eyes. “What do you want? Apart from a bit of random voyeurism, I mean. And why did you think it necessary to make such a startling entrance? That is, if I’m not treading on the official secrets act.”
His smile widened. “You do remember your training, then. Good.”
“That is not an answer. Now talk.”
He chuckled, said, “Excuse me a moment,” and walked to the wall beneath the window he had just smashed to pieces.
A slender cord dangled from the gaping hole above, and he pulled on the light nylon line. From the battered sill above fell a slim black umbrella, furled, its handle composed of a lacquered brass dragon’s head. He slipped the cord off his favorite gentleman’s prop, twirled it twice over in his fingers, and once more looked at Mrs. Teal. Her scowl deepened.
“Well? You’ve made your entrance, Reed. Now I want to know what you intend to do about the damage to my home.”
“Oh, that. The Ministry will take care of it, of course. I’ve already sent you the proper forms. Just fill them out and bung them back to Meely in Disbursements. She’ll have some lads round here tomorrow to sort it out.” His head tilted and his smile broadened. “That center pane was cracked, in any case, did you notice? I’ve done you a favor, after all.”
She turned away, her arms still tightly crossed, then quickly turned to face him again, eyes blazing. “Straight up, now. Why the action film sequence?”
He nodded and thumbed his left lapel to disclose his miniature body camera. “Annual fitness report, my dear. I was missing a tick mark in the Hot Pursuit Dramatic Entry box. You don’t mind, do you?”
Her eyebrows lifted an inch. “And if I did?”
His grin brightened the room. “Did you say something about a drink?”
“I did not, but you know where the drinks are.”
“Most kind, my dear. After you.” He pointed to the door with his umbrella, then smirked when she shook her head. “No?”
“No. You are far too fond of ogling my backside, and this unitard leaves very little to the imagination. I would rather you precede me.”
Eyes wide, Reed doffed his hat and bowed over it. “My dear, I never would so objectify a colleague, you must believe me.”
Mrs. Teal’s laugh sparkled about the gym as she shook her head. “That is arrant nonsense, and you know it, Jon Reed. Go on, then.”
Disappointment clouded his face. “Are you sure? After all, ladies first.”
She shook her head. “Voyeuristic vandals first, in this instance. After you.”
He adjusted the steel-rimmed bowler on his head as he walked toward the door. Mrs. Teal grabbed a big towel from a stack next to the exit and wrapped it around her waist like a skirt as she followed him out.

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