Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Ways of the West in the Top 10 on Amazon!

Yes it's that time of week again, #WipItUp Wednesday, where writers share a snippet out of a Work In Progress or new release.

I'm so excited to share the news that my new release The Ways of the West is in the top 10 on Amazon's erotica westerns and erotica historical lists!!

This is literally a dream come true for me, and I have to keep pinching myself to remind myself that it is real :)

This excerpt carries on from the bit I shared on last week's WipItUp Wednesday post (you can read it here if you haven't already) - Johnny & Jessica have just arrived in the cattle drive camp & Jessica insulted the drovers.

“Mr Jordan just offered us a lifeline,” Johnny scolded, punctuating his words with another stinging slap. “And you just threw it in his face.”
“I know! I’m sorry!” Jessica wailed, sobbing.
“How long do you think we’re going to last with no food or water?”  Johnny growled, smacking her bottom again with another hearty swat. “We’ve got nothing, Jessica, nothing!” The next volley of smacks was even harder than before, and the horse beneath them shied. Jessica squealed at the sudden movement, afraid she was going to fall off, scrabbling at Johnny’s pants-clad leg in a panic. Picking up the reins, Johnny soothed the horse, holding onto Jessica with one hand to prevent her from sliding down the side of their mount.
“I’m sorry! Please just put me down, I’ll go and apologise to Mr Jordan,” she begged through her sobs, sniffling and choking on her tears. Johnny had done as good a job at warming her bottom using just his hand as her father did with his strap, and if she hadn’t been clinging frantically to the legs of his pants with both hands to stop herself from falling into the dirt beneath them, she would be trying to rub the sting out of it.
“Go on then,” Johnny ordered her as he slid her gently down off the horse. Turning around to face the camp Jessica looked up – straight into the eyes of Mr Jordan who was standing there looking stern with his arms folded across his chest, a small smile of amused approval on his face. Wanting to die of embarrassment and shame, knowing Mr Jordan and many of his men had just witnessed her spanking, she nevertheless swallowed hard and held her head high with the small amount of pride she could muster.
Please accept my sincere apologies Mr Jordan,” she said formally. “I was rude, and I was wrong. If your offer of employment still stands, I would be very much obliged to work for you.”
Mr Jordan gave her a hard stare for a long moment, not saying anything. Jessica held her breath. He wasn’t going to turn them away now, was he?
“Welcome aboard. Usual pay – a dollar a day plus all you can eat. Go and talk to Monty – he’s the cook – and he’ll find you some pants. That pretty dress isn’t suitable for the trail.” He smiled warmly at her and indicated towards the chuck wagon.
Thank you Sir.” Jessica tried to make herself sound more enthusiastic than she felt, and she even tried to smile, but she couldn’t quite manage it - she blinked back more tears instead. She was miserable. Still grieving for her slaughtered family, now her bottom was aching. Even worse, she was being forced to make camp with a bunch of dusty, smelly cowboys!
Rubbing her bottom, she started to walk towards the chuck wagon when she heard Mr Jordan’s voice again. “And take your hands away from your backside. You shouldn’t be rubbing after a spanking.” Her face coloured as red as she was sure her bottom was, but she brought her hands together in front of her, not daring to look back at Mr Jordan.

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Orphaned by an attack on her family’s wagon train, Jessica finds herself stranded a thousand miles from Boston, the only home she has ever known. Only one man—a rough, dusty cowboy named Johnny—stands between her and the perils of the west, and he quickly makes it clear that he is ready to do whatever needs to be done to keep Jessica safe, whether she likes it or not.

When the unlikely pair stumble upon a cattle drive and they are both offered employment, Johnny doesn’t hesitate to accept. But after Jessica loudly expresses her disdain for his plan and for cowboys in general, Johnny decides it is time for drastic action. After a hard, embarrassing spanking followed by a tearful apology to the trail boss, Jessica is left with a sore backside and a strange yet undeniably powerful need to be held close and comforted by her handsome protector.

With Johnny by her side—and claiming an ever bigger place in her heart with each passing day—Jessica begins to adjust to life on the trail. But a cattle drive is a dangerous place for anyone, let alone a city girl with a penchant for disobedience. If he ever wants the chance to make Jessica his wife, Johnny knows he’s going to have to take her firmly in hand before she gets herself hurt or killed. Even if it means a painful, humiliating bare-bottom strapping she’ll never forget, one way or another he’ll teach her the ways of the west.

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  1. Poor Jessica! How humiliating being spanked in public like that! Seems Mr Jordan enjoyed himself too which makes it worse. Great snippet Kelly. Congratulations on the top 10. So happy for you!:)


    1. Thanks Roz :) Mr Jordan was pleased to see her get punished - she insulted him and his men - silly girl!

    2. Just finished reading this book last night. This was one of my favorite scenes. Well except for.... ermm, well, the one I can share here. No spoilers. Read the book and enjoy ヅ

    3. Thanks so much Melody! I love this scene too :)

  2. How embarrassing! Poor Jessica, but sounds like Johnny knows how to handle her. Congratulations on the success of your book, I think it's well deserved.

  3. The last bit was freaking hilarious. LOL!!! Love it. :)

  4. :D is it bad that I love Mr. Jordan here :D but definitely poor Jessica, trying so hard to be okay in what seems like an untenable situation