Saturday, 26 September 2015

~~ : ~~ THE WAYS OF THE WEST ~~ : ~~

Saturday Spankings is the blog hop where we share 8 sentences of one of our books. 

This week I'm sharing one last snippet of my Western - The Ways of the West.

Felicity Nichols gave it a 5 star review which you can read here: Nichols Reviews


The early morning air was rent with the haunting melody of a hymn being played on Johnny’s harmonica as the drovers stood around the grave he’d dug the night before, their hats in their hands as a mark of respect, their faces drawn and somber. 

It was always hard to lose one of their own, even more so in circumstances like this. The young nighthawk wouldn’t have had a chance – they all knew how silently Indians could move in the shadows and how accurate their arrows were, even in the dark. 

No one envied Mr Jordan his job of riding into town later in the day to wire the tragic news to the boys’ parents, but it was a job that had to be done. Just 21 years old, his life had barely begun, now it had been snuffed out so ruthlessly, so needlessly. 

And there would be more bloodshed before the day was over.

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  1. Great excerpt Kelly, very poignant. I loved this book! A wonderful love story with a western theme...and plenty of spanking :)


  2. Excellent snippet, I want to read this now. It obviously has a real story to go with the spanking we all enjoy.

  3. Crossing the country in wagons was never an easy journey and deaths happened, though the wagon master did everything he could to avoid them. You brought the scene to life, Kelly. Nicely done.

  4. Heavy drama here. Sounds wonderful!

  5. Fab snippet and cover - I look forward to more!