Saturday, 31 October 2015

~ : ~ Short Story - Kate's Cop ~ : ~

Welcome to my blog for Saturday Spankings!

Because my next release is still a little way off I thought I would share a short spanking story I wrote that is available here on A1Adult Ebooks

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Yeah I don't like the cover either, I didn't choose it ... but don't let that put you off the story :)

Trouble has been following Kate lately. All the men in her life either break her heart, or are out to destroy her completely.
Speeding down the highway in her car is one of the few things that helps clear her head ... until she gets pulled over by the one cop she'd hoped never to see again.

Smack! The first swat took her by surprise and she jumped. 

“You weren’t paying attention to what I was saying, were you?” Luke asked her sternly. “Should I just let you go and write you out a ticket like I should be doing?”
“No Luke, please.”
“I’m risking my career for you here, you do realise that, don’t you?”
“I do. Thank you. I’m sorry, I will pay attention now, I promise.”
“You’d better,” he growled, punctuating his words with another slap.
“Ow!” she shrieked, kicking her legs.

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  1. Oh, my. What woman doesn't have a cop fantasy? Very nice snippet.

    1. I know ... cops, firemen and cowboys all do it for me :)

  2. It's never good when you're with a spanker and your attention wanders. They tend to take a dim view of that. Love the snippet, Kelly.

  3. Hi Kelly, Mmm, gotta love a man in uniform, and cowboys of course :) Great snippet!


    1. Thanks Roz!
      This particular man in uniform is inspired by my high-school crush who went on to become a cop :) He's not as sexy as my cowboy heroes though.

  4. Cops sure are picky about speeding aren't they. I don't think this will break her habit, but it might help.