Friday, 11 December 2015

Come Back to Me at Christmas ~ By Keriann McKenna

Wow can't believe Christmas is nearly here! So the book I have for you this week is very fitting - Come Back to Me at Christmas by Kerian McKenna!

What a gorgeous cover!

Blurb: Patty misses her husband dearly and dreams of him coming home for Christmas. When she shares her dream with her children, they become increasingly worried as Patty goes between present day and her cherished memories.
Her children gather to decide how to help her handle the disappointment and comfort her when he doesn't show up. After all, it was only a dream.
Convinced she was losing her grip on reality and shouldn't live alone any longer, they decide to wait until after the holidays before making any major changes in her life.
But Christmas Day brings a shocking surprise—to everyone but Patty. This is a heartwarming, funny, and touching story that will have you believing in miracles.

Excerpt: Patty showered, did her hair and makeup, and dressed in a pretty off white lace frock she’d purchased last summer because it reminded her of her wedding gown.  It was simple, with long sleeves, a high neck, and the ruffle at the bottom just touched her toes.  She had just finished tying the bow in the back when the doorbell rang.
A flurry of activity began. The little ones kissed their great-grandmother and began to hang ornaments on the bottom of the tree. Everyone arrived with Liam, his daughter, Eve, and grandchildren bringing up the rear with dozens of packages.
“Somebody got hungry,” Liam said, nodding to his youngest grandchild who was munching on one of the rolls.”
“It’ll never be missed,” Patty grinned.

Like magic, everyone pitched in and the tables were set with a variety of patterned dishes.  Some were Patty’s grandmother’s, some were a wedding gift, and others were pretty pieces she picked up along the way.  She and her daughter, Kiera, always had a thing about picking up pretty plates at yard sales and thrift stores.  They both wondered what stories each held and Patty knew the dishes on the tables today would have their own story to tell through the years to come.  
The men carried the heavy platters to the tables and soon everyone was seated, some of the little ones on their mothers’ laps, a couple still in highchairs.  There was only one empty place at the table.
Mai turned to her husband.  “Jack, will you say grace?”
“No Jack, please wait a minute or two,” Patty made a simple request.  “I think we should wait for your father.  It’s three o’clock now and he should be pulling in the driveway any minute.
A hush fell over the room as the eyes of her grown children darted from one face to another.
“Mom, we can wait a few minutes,” Kiera whispered, patting her hand.
“Thank you,” her Mom murmured, giving her a beautiful smile.
Patty sat patiently, her hands folded in her lap, and the silence that filled the room for the next few minutes was deafening.
Carrie stood behind her mother, hands on her shoulders, anticipating the need to console her when all eyes turned toward the front door.

Author Bio:
Writing has been an important part of Keriann McKenna’s life for as long as she can remember. Poetry was her first love, next came music and lyrics when she was a singer/musician, and now she writes romance. Her Christmas story, Come Back To Me At Christmas, was released in December 9, 2014. It’s a fast, delightful read for all ages.
If you’re looking for something hot, check out The Key to Annie’s Heart, Book One in the Fall River Ranch series and MacDermot’s Bride, Book Two in the series.  The MacDermot’s of Scotland, Book Three, is scheduled for release in December, 2015.
Keriann is also a freelance editor.
Born and raised in a small community in Upstate New York, she gradually ventured west where she settled in the Seattle area for a number of years. She has been content to live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains since 1983 with her family.

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  1. Thank you, Kelly. You're a sweetheart. Come Back to Me at Christmas is now free on all distributors until December 28th. It's a story that can be enjoyed by all ages. The MacDermots of Scotland - A Mysterious Highland Honeymoon should be live in a couple of days.