Saturday, 27 February 2016

Cover Reveal!!

For this week's #SatSpanks I'm so excited to share with you all the cover from my soon-to-be-released science fiction erotic romance!

But before I do, here's 8 sentences:

He repositioned her over his lap, reaching under her to undo her jeans. She wriggled and squirmed, but he held her fast, and pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees.

She fought him furiously, her kicking legs completely displaying her nether regions to him, desperate to get away.
“You let me go!” she demanded shrilly. “You have no right to do this to me!”
Damian smacked her bare bottom hard. “I have every right.”  He smacked her again, harder this time, laying into her with crisp, stinging swats that made her arch her back and squeal her objections loudly each time his punishing hand fell.
“You must learn to obey,” he lectured her sternly while he roasted her bottom.

And now for the cover: 

Isn't it gorgeous? Korey Mae Johnson is one talented lady!
Keep your eyes out - it's coming soon!

Meanwhile, check out the other participants this week below:


  1. Congratulations on your new release, Kelly. Korey Mae Johnson does excellent work. I love her covers.

    1. Thanks Kathryn! I love Korey's covers too. She's great :)

  2. Gorgeous cover. Congrats on your new release. Is this your first sci-fi?

    1. Yes it is :) It's the only book I've ever written that doesn't have horses in it!

  3. Lovely cover. It doesn't sound like she's much used to obeying.

  4. Fab looking forward to it being released

  5. Great cover and an intriguing concept!