Sunday, 20 March 2016

~ Engaged to the Earl ~ by Carolee Croft ~

I'd like to welcome Carolee Croft to my blog today to share her new erotic romance release Engaged to the Earl published by Black Velvet Seductions.
I've got a short story coming out soon in an anthology to be released by Black Velvet Seductions and I'm getting to know some of my fellow BVS authors :)

At twenty one, Martha Darrington was hoping that she still had several years of carefree cavorting ahead of her. She thinks that her time in Bath is only a restful holiday. However, she is shocked to find that her strict aunt has arranged her engagement to the Earl of Bradfield.
Edward, Earl of Bradfield, would like nothing more but to continue his affair with the possessive Elizabeth Camplyon, while entering into a loveless marriage of convenience with Martha. Seeing that her future husband is not attracted to her, Martha turns to her steadfastly loyal servant Tom for affection. Still, seeing that her wedding is imminent, she tries to win the earl’s love using a magic potion, but the plan backfires, making Tom and the earl fall in love with each other!

Even as she observes her secret lover and her fiancé having passionate sex, Martha is not disheartened, but very aroused. Not one to back away from a challenge, she decides to win the hearts of her men by seducing them both.

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I was awakened by a very quiet knocking at my door. Then, the door opened very slowly. My own heartbeat resounded thunderously in my ears in the silence of the room.
Tom appeared; a masculine, beautiful silhouette in the darkness. I sat up in my bed. Part of me was terrified about being caught with a man; a servant, in my room in the middle of the night, and the other part could barely be restrained from running towards him.
“May I enter?” he whispered.
“Yes,” I whispered back.
I stretched out my arms to receive him as he rushed into my waiting embrace. Our lips met, channeling the pent up passion that smoldered within us ever since we laid eyes on each other. It was hard to believe we had known each other only one day.
He climbed onto the bed, and I could feel his warm, hard body enclosing me in its embrace, his strong hands caressing me. Our kisses ignited conflagrations of desire within my depths. His broad chest and shoulders, visible beneath his half-unbuttoned shirt, throbbed with the quickness of his breathing.
The rest of the world was now far from my mind, and the fear of being discovered only added greater excitement to this game. I reached into the wide-flung opening of Tom’s shirt, caressing the smooth, hard muscles of his chest and his arm, even as these muscles labored to free me of my shift, the only item of clothing I was wearing.
I lifted my arms above my head to help him release me from it, and suddenly I lay naked, exposed to his ravenous gaze. His expression had the same awe as it did that morning when he first beheld me, but now it was combined with a hungry, lustful
yearning that made my insides clench with desire and my loins ache. I nearly swooned as I looked into those dark eyes. They seemed to pull my very soul from out of my body.
Tom’s shirt, though very picturesque in it disheveled state, begged to be removed, and I helped him tug it over his head, revealing a torso worthy of a Greek god. Its valleys and plateaus formed the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen. I reached for the front of his breeches to unbutton them, but he gently stopped my hand.
“Miss Darrington…” he began tentatively, “I shouldn’t… you are to be married soon…”
“What!” I cried, “But I care not for that man. I want you to take my virginity, for I would rather it be you than him.”
“No, no,” he protested. “I don’t wish him to be angry with you on your wedding night if he should discover you’re not a virgin. Believe me, I desire you so much, but I would rather die than do anything that could possibly hurt you.”
I sighed. My wedding night… I did not even want to think that far into the future. But perhaps Tom was right.
“Then what shall we do?” I asked.
“Oh, there are other ways to please you,” Tom said with a playful smile.