Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nadja's Choice ~ by Judith Anderson

A huge welcome to Judith Anderson to my blog today with her BDSM romance Nadja's Choice published by Blushing Books.  

Can Jack face his fears and find his love? Nadja must choose between what is safe and familiar and what is different and perhaps dangerous. Secrets in Jack's past may drive her away, even as the paddle in his bedroom drives her passions.


Nadja’s Choice” is the story of Jack Avery, a computer technician and recent transplant from the big city to small town Flaxville, where he meets Nadja Koenig, the town librarian. Jack moved to get away from the city, but there other things he hopes also to have left behind…

Nadja, a voluptuous woman with charming simple beauty, just wants her library—her sanctuary away from home—to remain the familiar place she grew up knowing and loving. But when she sees all the technological changes coming, will it be the same place for her? She feels threatened by Jack's plans to install a computerized check out system, but is intrigued by his air of command and self-assured confidence.

The two can't deny their chemistry, even though they're both from different worlds and want different things, but as they begin to date, more and more obstacles seem to spring up.

Larry Billings dated Nadja for a while in the past, and his interest in her has never waned. He wants to rekindle the flame, but now Jack, a suspicious city boy, is in his way. What lengths will Larry go to, to claim what he thinks is his?

As for Jack and Nadja; will his dark secrets from the past drive her away? And how will she react when he offers to introduce her to the BDSM toy box under his bed?

Nadja grabbed the can and started shaking the dried cheese over her food. It smelled delicious and she couldn't wait to take a bite. She was just cutting some of her noodles when she noticed he was looking at her.
"Still cutting your noodles." He shook his head in mock derision.
"It's how civilized people eat pasta."
"No, it's not."
"What? You're going to say they just slurp it into their mouths, like you do?"
Jack put down his fork and motioned toward hers, still in her hand. "Give me your fork."
He looked her right in the eyes and said emphatically, "Give me your fork, please."
Nadja just froze and wondered what he was going to do. She looked down at her fork and slowly gave it to him. He took it and started to wind some of the longer noodles on her plate around it with the help of her spoon, until he had a small spool of noodles neatly wrapped around the tines. He held it up. "Now, open your mouth."
She was caught off guard by the sudden vibrancy in his voice. Biting her lip, she looked at him and then her fork. She opened her mouth. He slowly leaned forward and placed the bite on her tongue. Nadja couldn't help but close her eyes as she took the bite and started to chew. When she opened them again and swallowed her food, she saw that he had put her fork down next to her plate and was looking at her. "And that's how you eat pasta," he said, picking up his own fork and winding his noodles around it.
Nadja licked her lips and picked up her fork again. She squirmed in her chair and her insides jangled with excitement. She took a deep breath. Looking at her food and then at Jack, she put her fork in some of the longer noodles and carefully wound some noodles around it.
"Besides, everyone knows pasta just tastes better when you eat it this way," he added.
She made a face and shook her head. "Now you're just being silly."

Author Bio:
Judith Anderson lives in the Midwest and has been living the BDSM lifestyle since 2000. She has attended munches and BDSM events for several years and is well versed in impact play (spanking, paddling, caning, etc), fire play and rope. She has also taught classes on aspects of the BDSM lifestyle within her local community.

In February 2015, she self-published "Pretty When You Cry", an anthology of her short stories, available on Amazon. “Pretty When You Cry” was nominated for a Golden Flogger award by BDSM Writers Con for Best BDSM book in the ‘Anthology’ category. She also had a short story included in Riverdale Ave Books “The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology”. Her debut novel, “Nadja’s Choice’ will be published by Blushing Books in Janurary 2016. She enjoys going for walks, reading mysteries, listening to music and begging.  She particularly enjoys the begging. Especially accompanied by tears.

Twitter : @JAndersonspank

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