Wednesday, 2 March 2016

~ Taking His Human Bride ~ Coming Soon!!

For this weeks #WipItUp Wednesday I have some exciting news!!  My science-fiction erotic romance is scheduled for release THIS WEEKEND!! Yay!! 

His fingers trailed leisurely down her spine, the light touch teasing her, sending tingles through her. When they reached her bottom they hesitated, and she felt his palm spread out and cup her bottom gently. His fingers kneaded her flesh, digging the pads of his fingers into her muscles, pinching her skin lightly. She sighed contentedly. There was no pain at all – just an erotic zing that charged through her as his strong hands massaged her bottom.

Her legs parted involuntarily as his fingers trailed down the cleft of her bottom, touching the base of her pussy. She moaned softly as he spanked her lightly there, before delving gently inside of her, twisting his wrist so the heel of his hand rested against her, and his thumb circled her clit. She could feel the dampness as he slid his fingers in and out of her.
“So wet,” he murmured.
Reaching back, she cupped his erection that she could feel pressing against her hip, fumbling with his pants with one hand so she could free it. She wanted to touch him, too. Twisting her body around, she released his cock from the fabric that was restraining it, and lowered her mouth to it, savouring the sweet and salty taste. Her mouth was stretched wide open to fit around his girth and he was so long that she couldn’t take him all in her mouth at once before her gag reflex kicked in, but she wrapped her fingers tightly around the base of his shaft and moved her hand up and down in time with the rhythm of her mouth, giving the illusion of deep-throating his cock. She ran her tongue around the tip of it, savouring the salty dewiness that gathered there. He moaned.
His fingers moved inside her, stimulating the little pleasure spot deep inside her that the Chief Medical Examiner had introduced her to, rubbing it with the lightest touch, his thumb brushing her clit. Her breasts tightened. Her pussy felt hot with need. He grabbed a handful of her hair with his other hand and guided her head up and down, setting the pace and depth as she sucked his cock. He pushed her face down further than she had been going and she felt his cock at the back of her throat. She wrapped her tongue around it as his fingers moved inside her pussy again, sending more waves of pleasure through her body.
“Ride me.” His voice was husky with desire as he issued the order, and he moved her with his hands on her hips, to straddle him.

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