Sunday, 29 May 2016

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I've got some great news to share - my new book is out!

Daddy Takes the Reins is set on a racing stable here in New Zealand. 

It touches on Age-Play just a bit, and the heroine has Tourette's Syndrome, just like me.


When she lands a job as an apprentice jockey at a racing stable, Bianca is determined not to let her Tourette’s Syndrome interfere with her dream career, and she does her best to conceal her occasional tics from her ridiculously handsome new boss. But Clay Lewis is not an easy man to fool. He soon discovers her secret, and when he casually mentions that she ought to be spanked for her deception it sets Bianca’s heart racing like nothing ever has before.

Her crush on Clay grows stronger by the day, but while she strives to impress him at work Bianca struggles to deal with tragic circumstances in her own life. With her younger sister—and lifelong best friend—incapacitated by terminal cancer and becoming more dependent on her by the day, she finds herself pushing herself to the point of skipping meals and going without sleep.

Clay can see the toll that stress is taking on Bianca, and when she collapses from exhaustion at the stable he knows it is time for him to step in, but not as a boss or as a boyfriend. What she needs is a loving daddy who will both comfort her when she is sad and bare her bottom and spank her like a naughty little girl when she doesn’t take care of herself properly.

Bianca delights in the attention she receives from Clay, and when he takes her in his arms and claims her as his own it brings her more pleasure than she would have ever thought possible, but she cannot help wondering if he will stay by her side even when her tics are at their worst. Can she truly trust Clay enough to surrender her heart to him and let her daddy take the reins?

Publisher’s Note: Daddy Takes the Reins is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Six Paragraphs:
Watching her, Clay’s heart constricted. Why had she let herself get so weak? “You should be spanked for not taking care of yourself properly,” he scolded her sternly. Luke chuckled, but a glare soon shut him up. This was no laughing matter – it was serious. He watched as Bianca’s face darkened, and she looked like she was about to cry. But then she took a deep breath and looked him straight in the eye.

“You know what?” she announced, her voice still weak. “Each one of you has said that to me – each one of you has threatened to spank me, but not one of you has ever followed through. If it’s so important to claim me and punish me, do it!” she challenged them. “It’s no use just threatening me! If you actually care about me so much, if you want to look after me and spank me when needed, just do it! Stop talking about it, man up and do it!”

If she hadn’t stuffed the pie back into her mouth he would have been tempted to turn her over his knee right then and there, but instead he sucked in a breath and held it, willing his racing heart to slow down. She wanted to be spanked? Really? He shook his head in a daze. He’d waited his entire life for a woman like her. Had he really heard her right? He looked at her hard then, his roving eyes wandering up and down her body. He shook his head. “It’s more than just hunger that made you faint. What’s going on, Bianca? You’re exhausted, aren’t you?”

Tears filled her eyes as she nodded slowly. “I haven’t slept properly in weeks,” she admitted. “My sister’s dying. How can I sleep when Annie’s dying? I wish I was a little kid again, and didn’t have to worry about any of this,” she sobbed. “I wish someone could just look after me and take all this stress away.” Her voice broke and he could barely understand her words, through her sobs, but his heart clenched at her sadness. He wanted to protect her, to take care of her. The urge within him to do so was so strong he couldn’t fight it, and he didn’t want to fight it. He could offer her what she was wanting.

Clay gathered her up in his arms. “Come here baby girl,” he crooned. “Let me take care of you.”

He tangled his fingers in her hair and rubbed her back gently as she sobbed against his shirt, completely overcome by emotion. She felt so small and fragile in his arms, and he knew he wanted her. He wanted a little girl to love, cherish and protect. He wanted her to be that little girl. Standing up and shifting her in his arms to a more comfortable position, Clay carried her out of the stables, across the yard, and towards the house he shared with his brothers. First of all, she needed a good sleep. Everything else could wait.

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  1. Love this snippet Kelly, Clay is so sweet and obviously cares for her :)


  2. I really liked this, Kelly. I agree with Roz. I think he's sized Bianca up perfectly, and I know he'll take good care of her. I'm off to get this book now.