Wednesday, 4 May 2016

#WipItUpWednesday NZ Equestrian Spanking Romance!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog for this week's #WipItUpWednesday blog hop.

This week I've decided to share from my up-coming release - a spanky romance set in a horse racing stable in New Zealand with a heroine who has Tourette's Syndrome! It's currently being edited, so will be available in a month or so :)

 She followed him down the aisle, dodging around the wheelbarrows parked outside the stalls, right to the end. A few young people were hard at work mucking out stalls, and Bianca couldn’t help but imagine what Clay would look like shovelling sawdust … muscles flexing, as he manhandled the rake, moving gracefully across the stable floor ...
            “You can start here and work back up.” Clay took a rake off a hook on the wall and handed it to her. “I take it you know how to muck out a stall?” he asked.
            Did she dare? She shook her head, managing to keep a straight face despite the smile that was building up at the corners of her mouth. “No,” she said. “You’ll have to show me.”
            She kept a poker face as he looked at her hard for a moment. Surely he didn’t believe her? Just because she’d been in different work recently … she’d worked as a stable hand in school, she could muck out a stall blindfolded! She could feel a tic coming on, but she forced it back, which she knew made her look even more serious. She couldn’t let Clay know about her Tourette’s yet, he would see her fired for sure; it had happened before.
            It was all she could do to keep her smile hidden as he entered the stall and demonstrated how to pick up the soiled and wet sawdust and dump it into the wheelbarrow. As soon as his back was turned she let out the tic she’d been suppressing in a violent twisting, jerking, face-scrunching movement. Her neck cracked satisfyingly, and she winced as a sharp pain shot down her neck to her shoulders.  But the momentary pain was better than the pressure of built-up tics. She rolled her shoulders, trying to ease the burning muscles. It worked.
            Once her face was relaxed again, she watched, mesmerised, at Clay’s lithe, muscular body moving easily around the large, airy stall, flicking sawdust to the sides to let the wet patches of concrete dry. He’s a mighty fine looking man!  She smiled, pleased. It had been a while since there’d been eye candy as good as Clay to look at.
            She stifled a giggle as Clay got rid of the last of the wet sawdust and turned to look at her. “Do you think you can do the next one?” He held the rake out to her again.
            She shook her head again, but she couldn’t hide her laughter. “I can’t believe you fell for it!” she exclaimed. “I was a stable hand while still at school, before becoming an apprentice jockey, of course I can muck out a stall!” She smiled up at him cheekily. “I just wanted to watch you do it!”
            He looked at her for a moment, dumbfounded, then he laughed too, a low, rumbling laughter that came from deep within him and made her giggle even more. “You need your ass smacked!” he admonished her, still laughing.
            She was shocked for a moment, and stood there looking at him, mouth agape.  Had she heard him right? A thrill shot through her. She’d waited her entire life for a man to say that to her.
            She was still standing there, speechless but excited, as he grinned at her, winked, and pressed the rake into her hand.
            As she watched his retreating back, she wondered why she had such an aching hotness between her thighs. Sure, he was sexy, but so were lots of other men she’d met, and none of them had ever had that effect on her before … It was the spanking threat. It had to be!

Chris Hemsworth - inspiration for Clay. Because, well ... look at him!

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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming release Kelly! I absolutely loved the excerpt. Don't blame Bianca wanting to watch Clay muck out the stall. Wonderful description of her tic. Something I know you have experience of.


  2. What a great snippet, Kelly! I really like Bianca! But I'm thinking Clay's right - she does need her ass smacked! lol.

    1. Thanks Maisy! Yes Clay is definitely right :)

  3. I'd play that same trick, too. PANT PANT. Now I'm wondering if she'll get her spanking? Loving your inspiration by the way. *fans self*

    1. Isn't he gorgeous? I would play that trick too!

  4. LOL!!! I can't believe he fell for it. That was great. Love the snippet. :)