Saturday, 30 July 2016

Heavenly Revenge ~ by Australian Erotic Author V.K. Black

I'm so pleased to host fellow Down-Under author Victoria Black on my blog today, as she shares her hot new sci-fi release Heavenly Revenge

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Kelly. Just to clear up a possible confusion— although my name is Victoria Black, I write as V.K. Black.
We, i.e. hubby and I, are in Perth at the moment, doing a big trip around Australia. We started in Brisbane three months ago with the idea of going to Darwin and back. But we were enjoying ourselves so much, we decided to go home the long way, via Western Australia. We're in Perth now and are still loving being greyish nomads. Now that we're in the land of consistent internet access, I thought I'd self-pub my erotic novella Heavenly Revenge. This book had been published previously by Secret Cravings Publishing. Sadly, they went out of business. They were wonderful about promptly giving me back my rights. I bought the cover. Was all set to go. That was about six months ago. Then I…um…procrastinated. With good reason, folks. Technology and I are not good friends.
But all is well now. Technology and I are sort of talking to each other. Heavenly Revenge is up on Amazon, Kobo, itunes, Nook, and other sites I've never heard of but are part of Draft2Digital's family.

As you'll be able to tell from the blurb, this story is seriously sexy! It was a lot of fun to write.


Rose was the only prisoner he had. And his pretty prisoner had deceived him personally.
When Rose dies before her time, two sweet, old angels send her on a mission to save another world. The angels worry she will be no match for the land's strong and handsome ruler, King Andrejs. However Rose has learned a bitter lesson about men, courtesy of her unfaithful boyfriend. She is strong too.
Rose has a sweet battle on her hands when she meets King Andrejs. He believes she is an enemy spy who has learned a secret which may affect the outcome of the war raging between his kingdom and the land to the north.
It is against Andrejs' code to hurt a woman, but, as her captor, it is his right to extract full and suitable revenge. But revenge needn't be cold or cruel. Revenge can be hot and very pleasurable indeed.

WARNING: Initial dubious consent scene

He let his eyes wander farther down to her slight, feminine body, which his cock ached to enjoy. Now that he thought about it, it was very kind of the Anglandians to send him such a beautiful woman. She would have been expecting to use that lovely body of hers as a means of persuasion. Certainly, he would find out why this lovely little spy had been sent to his palace, but there was no harm in mixing cruel, hard warfare with pleasure, was there?
"Yes, Rose, my quandary is that if you were a man, sent down to spy on my country, I would kill you without hesitation. But you're a beautiful woman, and I want to make love to you, although you're still my enemy. You see my dilemma, don't you?"
He reached out and put his hand to the small of her back, pulling her close to him, loving her woman’s softness as he forced her tiny body to press against his chest and belly. He threaded his fingers through her red curls, reveling in their strange softness, then tilted her head back and forced her to look at him. Those deep blue eyes, the color of the sea, fringed with dark lashes, stared back at him. She didn't seem frightened, and that surprised him, for she had every reason to be. No, she appeared to be…stunned.

He focused on her lovely face. She was his adversary. But her lips were full and lush and made for kissing. So he bent his head and kissed them.

If you want to check out my other stories, my website is Not all of my stories are sexy or erotic. Some of them are quite sweet. I have a whole ying yang thing going with my writing it seems. I have the sexy and sweet separated on my website.

Thanks again, Kelly, for having me.

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