Saturday, 17 September 2016

#SatSpanks ~ New Western Coming Soon!

For this week's Saturday Spankings blog hop I'm delighted to share an excerpt from my Western WIP currently with the editor that is coming soon!!

I don't have a blurb yet, but the working title is The Gunslinger's Woman. It's set in the Wild West in around the 1870s, and the gunslinger is, of course, incredibly handsome, and good at spanking :)

Here is the picture I used for inspiration for gunslinger
Danny Coulter.
I have no idea who he is, but he's pretty sexy!
I found him on Pinterest.

An excerpt:

 “You’ve got a reckoning coming, little girl,” he scolded.

“Yes.” He sat on the rock and pulled her down across his thighs and although she fought, she was no match for his strength, and Danny effortlessly held her pinned securely against the muscular hardness of his body.

“Let me up, you brute!” she yelled, squirming and twisting, but finding herself held fast by Danny’s strong arm across her back.
Danny didn’t let her up. Instead, he smacked her upturned backside several times, hard and fast. “You deliberately disobeyed me.”
She gasped at another hard swat that showed her just how displeased Danny was at being disobeyed.

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  1. There are few fantasies better than a riled up cowboy who spanks. I think I'll like this one.

  2. Oh my! It looks like she has a sore bottom in store... I want to know what she did now... intriguing! :)

  3. I'm with both PK and Christina on this one. Whatever did she do to get Danny so riled with her? Look forward to reading more.

  4. Hi Kelly, congratulations on the upcoming release, I think I'm going to like Danny lol. Enjoyed the excerpt and agree with the others, I'm curious what she did too.


    1. Thanks Roz! It's coming soon. I think you'll love Danny!

  5. Saying "no" is so effective, right? Not. :D

  6. ohhhhhhhh. spanking in the wild west. count me in!!