Friday, 2 December 2016

~ Christmas Collection ~ 24 Sizzling Stories & Poems!

Ashe Barker is here today with Coming Together: Under the Mistletoe a collection of twenty-four pieces of erotic fiction & poetry edited by Delilah Night. 

This is a charity anthology, all proceeds to benefit Project Linus. The collection includes my short story, Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

Here’s what to expect from the anthology – 24 sizzling stories and poems, 
and all for just $3.99

Santa, Kinky (Blacksilk)
Kid Comet (Delilah Night)
All I Want for Christmas is Sex (Sheryl Collins)
Carpe Marine Christmas Package (Muffy Wilson) 
Silver Bells (M. Marie)
Tugging Reins (Sonni de Soto)
The Twelve Days of Christmas (DJK)
Strip Dreidel (Rob Rosen)
Under the Mistletoe (Ramona Thompson)
Accosting Santa (Sommer Marsden)
A Thaw in Midwinter (Blacksilk)
The Green Lady (James Malin)
A Christmas Eve in Snow (Marcia Conover)
Summer in December (Tamsin Flowers)
Patriarchal Winter Night's Dream (Jaylan Salah)
Hush (Maria Duendi)
Winter's Majesty (Stacy Savage)
Christmas in Minneapolis (CeCe Marsh)
The Road on a Winter Hike (Sarah Jaylan)
Baby, It's Hot Outside (Delilah Night)
Frosty (Corbin A. Grace)
Adrenaline Rush (Robert Buckley)
Goosebumps (Stacy Savage)
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? (Ashe Barker)


Blurb : Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot? By Ashe Barker

She’s recovered, moved on. Her marriage is over. Or is it?

Cain has other ideas. Heather might have left him, fled to the wilds of bloody Scotland of all places to get away from him, but she never even signed the divorce papers he sent her. 

He’s wasted enough time and now he’s determined to settle things, one way or another. A decent spanking always used to work, but is it too late?

New year, new start. There’s only one way to find out…

Cain returned to stand behind her. He took her wrists and lifted them to place her hands against the door, at about mid-stomach height. "You're going to lean on the door and keep your hands right there, yes?"
"Yes," she affirmed. "Yes, Sir."
"So good. I always loved that about you. And this, the way you submit. This was always good, wasn't it?"
"Yes, Sir, " she agreed again. "The sex was never the problem."
"Neither was the discipline. We need this gone..." He fingered the shoulder of her loose fitting all-in-one overalls then reached around her to draw the front zipper down.
Even with the sub-zero temperatures outside, hers was hot and sticky work. Heather rarely wore anything other than her knickers under her overalls – this was not a fashion parade, after all. The fabric of her workwear opened to bare her breasts. Her nipples were already hard but they swelled and pebbled yet more as the air brushed them.
"Jesus, girl, I'd almost forgotten how fucking lovely you are under all this gear." He kissed her naked shoulder as he peeled the sleeves down her arms to her wrists, then right off. The upper part of her clothing dangled around her hips as he cupped both her breasts in his palms and squeezed. He pinched her nipples, hard enough that she squealed. He chuckled against her ear.
"Do you want me to stop?"
She leaned her head back against him. "No, Sir." 

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  1. Hi Kelly and Ashe, what a wonderful collection and cause! Many thanks to all involved.