Saturday, 3 December 2016

#SatSpanks FREE Xmas Story!

For #SatSpanks this week I'm excited to announce that Blushing Books is including my Christmas-themed novella 
His Christmas Brat in their 12 Days of Christmas promotion!

FREE on December 4!!

In this snippet, Shane (the sexy, tattooed bodyguard commissioned to look after the spoilt Hollywood brat during Christmas in New Zealand) is dressed up as Santa:

“Have you been naughty or nice this year?” he asked her, winking cheekily at her from under his bushy white beard.
            “Nice, of course!” she insisted indignantly.
            Shane scratched his chin. “Hmmmm. I don’t think you have.” Running his hand up the inside of her thigh he reached up between her legs and pinched the underside of her bottom. “I think you’ve been quite a naughty girl, actually. Come and sit with me and tell me what naughty girls get,” he whispered huskily, pulling her down to sit on his lap.
            She sat on his thigh, trailing her hand inside his red Santa shirt to run her fingers teasingly along his chest. She felt the muscles in his torso flex as she scraped her nails across his body, then she jumped as the hand that rested lightly against her back, steadying her, slid down and pinched her bottom again.
            “So tell me, young lady – what do naughty girls get?”

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  1. Ooh, very nice sexy snippet Kelly. Definitely have to read this :)


    1. Thanks Roz! Make sure you check out Blushing Books to get it for free on December 4th!

  2. This is the only kind of Santa I'd bother sitting on. I like where this is going.

  3. Very sweet and tantalizing. :)

  4. This promises to be a great story! I will get it for sure.

  5. Can't wait for the whole story to come out!