Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Years Resolutions

I'm not one for making New Years resolutions. I never have been. Usually, after the first couple of days, I forget exactly what it is I've resolved to do, so for the rest of the year I continue on, as my normal, unimproved self. 
But this year, that's going to change.

Aside from the few personal resolutions I've made which, going by my track record 
probably won't ever happen, I've made a few for my life as an author, too.

Last year, I put out 3 books: 
and The Gunslinger's Woman in October.

As well as those, I had a short story featuring a sexy spanking surf lifeguard in the
 First Submission Anthology, and His Christmas Brat - a novella about a stern, tattooed 
sexy hunk of a bodyguard that was part of the Blushing Books 12 Days of Christmas promotion.
 It's currently part of a boxset on Amazon, but for the life of me, I can't find the link.

This year, my goal is to release 4 books. 
More would be nice, but apparently it's best to keep goals attainable and realistic 
and I think aiming for 4 books is both. Any more will be a bonus.
But as well as that, I want to finish a contemporary NZ rural romance I've been working on sporadically 
for a few years. It doesn't have any spanky bits in it at the moment as I'm writing it for mainstream publication, 
but who knows, I might be able to add in a swat or two somewhere in there.

Which means my resolution is to write. Every. Single. Day. 
I don't have a word count goal as such, as I found last time I tried that it was annoying, 
but if I actually write when I sit down to write instead of faffing around on the internet doing mindless, unnecessary, 
time-wasting things (like Facebook, or looking at cowboys on Pinterest) I reckon I'll get along just fine.

So 2017 means for me: more writing and less wasting time on the internet in general 
which hopefully will equal more books! 
Wish me luck!

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  1. Great goals Kelly, good luck! Looking forward to reading the end results :)