Wednesday, 24 May 2017

#WipItUpWednesday ~ New Release

The last time I participated in this blog hop it was to share the brand new cover for my brand new spanky romance book Daddies Take Control which is the stand-alone sequel to the Daddy Takes the Reins (currently on sale for 99 cents! Have you got your copy yet?)

This week, I'm here to share a snippet from my brand new release - a nice spanky excerpt to whet your appetite 😃

He felt a shiver run through her body. He stepped back. She was trembling. Was she afraid? He let go his grip on her hair and softened his tone. “I was only going to give you a couple of swats, not too hard, just to remind you to be obedient. That was all. If you’d fought it, I would have had to spank you properly – long and hard. I would have made you cry. Is that what you want?”

She gulped, her eyes wide, before shaking her head. Her nostrils were flared, her lips parted slightly. She wasn’t afraid.
“No daddy,” she whispered.

“A reminder spanking is much different from a punishment spanking.” He fought to keep the edge of passion out of his voice. His cock strained against the seam of his pants and his balls ached; he wanted her. “You don’t want a punishment spanking,” he warned.

He drew back his hand and smacked her in an upwards swing, the palm of his hand catching the base of her bottom. He heard her suck in a breath at the impact. He’d only used a fraction of the force at his disposal, but it had been hard enough. He looked at her again: her face was flushed, her eyes shone brightly with arousal. He smacked her again, in exactly the same spot. Her pupils dilated and her body quivered. She was exactly as he wanted her.

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  1. Congratulations Kelly! Looking forward to reading this :)

    Loved the excerpt, very sexy.


  2. What a delicious snippet, Kelly! I can't wait to read your story. Congrats on the new release!!