Saturday, 16 September 2017

#SatSpanks ~ Why did his dominance turn her on so much?

It's AGES since I've participated in the Saturday Spankings blog hop and I've missed it! I always really enjoy reading all the spanky snippets other authors share - I find great new books to read this way!

I'm still hard at work on Book 3 of my Kiwi "Daddies" series (Daddy Takes the Reins is the first book) but to bridge the gap between now and when I finally get it finished, here's 8 sentences from book 2: Daddies Take Control.

“You don’t have to do that,” she argued, then she blushed.
Who was she trying to kid? She was a has-been; a washed-out jockey who hadn’t ridden a winner in months; a druggie, a criminal, homeless, and jobless.
You can’t afford to turn down their help, her inner self reminded her.
Cody flexed his hands and raised one eyebrow in a stern warning.
A shiver went down her spine as his whole demeanour changed instantly from caring and gentle to stern and authoritative, dominant.
Her pussy pulsed with need. Why did his dominance turn her on so much?

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  1. "Why did his dominance turn her on so much?" Now there is a question that aches to be answered. Although it doesn't really matter - it is what it is.

    1. I've never been able to answer the question either.

  2. When my guy turns stern, authoritative and dominant, I turn to jelly inside. Not sure why, but it definitely turns me on, too. So, I totally understand her dilemma. Love the excerpt, Kelly.

  3. Hi Kelly, it's so great to see you post :) Love the excerpt. Ah, the question that perplexes most of us I think. Hope you are doing well.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Roz!
      If you ever find out the answer to that question please be sure to let me know! ;)