Saturday, 25 January 2020

High Country Daddies ~ another naughty excerpt!

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Read on for a naughty excerpt:

“Oi!” The yell startled her and she jumped, then looked up. Striding across the paddock, a fierce look on his face, was Davo, annoyance etched into every bit of his six foot four inch all-alpha frame.
Carly gulped. The way his fists were clenched at his sides told her she was in trouble. Davo’s instruction, You stay close to the house until we get back, popped into her head. Oops. She’d forgotten about that. When she’d wandered off, trying to clear her head, she hadn’t even given a thought to his command. She’d been lost in lust and anticipation. Unintentional disobedience didn’t count, did it?

She slowed her pace, Davo increased his. His long strides ate up the distance between them, bringing her closer and closer to meeting her fate.

He stopped just in front of her, not a metre away, and folded his arms across his chest in that masculine way of his, staring down at her sternly.

“You were told to stay around the house,” he growled.

Indignation welled up inside her. Did he think she was a child? She met his frown with one of her own and stamped her foot petulantly.

“I felt like going for a walk,” she informed him. “I wanted to clear my head so I can focus. I’m a grown woman. I can take care of myself, you know.”

“Out here, you’re our woman,” he growled. “You agreed to stay here under our terms.”

“Which haven’t yet been discussed,” she interrupted.

His brow furrowed in sexy, stern warning. Her stomach clenched. There was that dominance again that she found irresistible, that unmistakable threat that turned her insides to molten lava.

“I told you to stay around the house and you agreed,” he reminded her.

“I didn’t actually,” she argued. “You took my silence on the matter to be agreement. It wasn’t.”

His brow furrowed even deeper. Could this man get any sexier? Carly’s heart skipped a beat. This was actually going to happen… she was actually going to get spanked. Properly, if Davo’s body language was anything to go by.

“I gave you an instruction and expected it to be followed. It wasn’t up for negotiation.”

“So it’s my fault you misunderstood, is that what you’re saying?” She met his eyes in a challenging gaze, pressing her hands against her hips in the most defiant gesture she could muster. If she was going to get spanked, she may as well push a bit more and make it worthwhile. Indulge her cravings properly.

“I didn’t misunderstand; you disobeyed,” he growled. “And I think you know how disobedience is punished up here.”

The knot in her stomach pulled itself tighter. She was as excited as she was terrified. She knew it would hurt, but she reckoned it would be totally worth it to be punished by this incredibly sexy man. Her bottom clenched in anticipation. Mike spanking her earlier had been the hottest thing she’d experienced in years. Would Davo be as good at lighting a fire in her tail with just a few swats as Mike was?

She sucked in a breath and blew it out through her mouth upward, blowing a few stray strands of hair up off her face. Her blood felt hot in her veins. “Why do I have to stay close to the house? I’m not a child.”

“Because there’s thousands of acres here, that’s why,” Davo snapped, his tone gruff, impatient. “If you wander off and get yourself lost, or you have an accident and get hurt, we wouldn’t even know where to start looking. It would take us ages to find you.”

She supposed that made sense. But she didn’t want to be housebound forever. One of the attractions of this place had been the wide open spaces. If she’d wanted to stay inside a building she would have just stayed in the city.

“So you expect me to never leave the house?”

Davo’s stern expression relaxed slightly. “Of course not. We’ll take you over the station over time, and as you grow more comfortable here and learn your way around you can take a bike and explore by yourself, as long as you leave us a note with where you’re going. But today, I wanted you safe by the house. So we don’t have to worry.”

Carly rolled her eyes. Seriously? Did she look like a helpless, incompetent child? “I’m a big girl, I can look after myself. You don’t have to worry,” she informed him somewhat haughtily. “I’ve been looking after myself for years.”

“Rolling your eyes is not going to get you out of trouble, darlin’,” Davo scolded. “While you’re here with us, as our woman, we will worry. And we will expect you to obey our rules.”
“Even when your rules are pathetic?”

Davo nodded. “Even then."

He edged closer to her and took her hand. Her skin tingled where he touched it and the fluttering sensation in her belly increased. She tried to pull her hand away but he tightened his grip, burying her hand in his, his sheer size making her feel so small in comparison. His fingers stretched upward around her wrist, and he pulled her in close. Her breath caught in her throat. This was really happening!

Still holding tightly to her wrist, Davo dropped to one knee almost as though he was going to propose. It struck her as funny and she giggled, but her laughter died in her throat as he yanked her wrist sharply and grabbed her waist with his other hand, pulling her down over his muscular thigh. She squealed and wriggled, trying to escape, but he held her firmly and swatted her bottom sharply, trapping her in place.

“Not so funny now, is it, darlin’?” Davo asked, his voice husky.

“No, sir,” she agreed, but it was hard to keep the excitement out of her voice. Mike had started the fire that burned within her and now it was a raging inferno that only a proper spanking would quench. She wiggled her backside in an unspoken but clear invitation. That was all the invitation Davo needed.

She squeaked in surprise at the brush of air across her thighs as he lifted up her skirt and laid it across her back, pinning it in place with his arm, holding her tightly. She braced her hands on the ground in front of her, holding herself steady. She was blushing, she could feel it. The embarrassment of having her skirt lifted was something she hadn’t been expecting, but it made the whole experience so much more exciting. She felt so naughty, draped over his thigh, her skirt lifted, her bottom ready to be spanked.

Davo slipped his fingers under the elastic of her knickers, fingering the cotton, the sensation almost making her groan with desire. “We’ll leave these up for now, but we’ll see how you go. They might need to come down.”

The idea of being bared to him sent a wave of lust to her loins and she wiggled her bottom again in response to his words. The message she was sending him couldn’t be clearer. His huge, heavy palm landed with a resounding crack across the fullest part of her bottom.

“You know what happens now, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered.

Davo didn’t stop after just a few swats like Mike had done. He didn’t spank lightly, either. Each smack burned and stung, well and truly satisfying her craving. His heavy hand felt as hard as a board as it landed on her tender bottom, making her wriggle and squirm in a feeble attempt to escape his firm grasp.

“Ow! Okay! I get it!” she shrieked, yelping as his big hand landed again and again, the swats seeming to get harder.

The smacks kept falling. Over and over again, landing in an alternate pattern all over her bottom, left, right, middle, every hard whack leaving behind an ache and a burn that made her yelp.

“Stop! Please! I’ll be good, I promise!”


  1. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for sharing this hot, tantalising snippet. I definitely want to read more!


    1. Thanks Roz! I'm glad this little excerpt has tempted you :) This is one of my favourite scenes.