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Hi! I’m Kelly Dawson, a Kiwi erotic romance writer from the very bottom of the world – I live 
in the South Island of New Zealand with my very own romance novel hero husband and four awesome kids.
 I’m pretty proud of my country, and most of the books I write are set here.

My love of horses and cowboys also flows through to my books. 
I grew up loving them – probably thanks to my Dad who introduced me to 
The Man From Snowy River movies, westerns, and rodeos at a young age, 
and got me my first pony when I was 10.

I write across several genres, all under the umbrella of erotic romance with a touch of kink.
 Spanking, specifically. 
I reckon I’ve got something for everyone.

Do you love old western books and movies? Check out my westerns! 
The Gunslinger's Woman is about a notorious killer turned good. 
The Ways of the West and its standalone sequel The Code of the West
were loosely inspired by the old TV show Rawhide.

If you love contemporary romance featuring cowboys and horses you’ve come to the right place! Check out the first two books I ever wrote: Bracken Ridge and Rachel's Journey and my New Zealand Daddies series. There's also a fantastic book I wrote with one of my favourite authors - Loki Renard - called Daddy's Whip

If sexy aliens with a side-dish of filth is more your thing, you might enjoy Taking His Human Bride
It was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon (until it got banned because it was so hot!) and features a sexy but stern alien commander.

Does a bit of mild age play turn you on? Caring but stern, dominant daddies? 
Daddy Takes the Reins might be right up your alley. 
And if you agree that the only thing better than one daddy is two of them, check out the 
standalone sequel Daddies Take Control
Both are available on Amazon and free in KU.

One more thing. I have Tourette’s Syndrome. I’ve had it all my life, and was diagnosed at 11. 
I’m passionate about educating people about it, and if the media will stop making fun of it and treating it as a joke 
and instead acknowledge it for the devastating neurological disorder that it is, I will die happy.

So far, two of my books feature heroines with Tourette’s: Rachel’s Journey, and Daddy Takes the Reins
Both of these heroines are strong women who don’t let Tourette’s define them, 
but every day, they face challenges because of it. 
Both of these books are very close to my heart, and both Rachel and Bianca 
have more than a little bit of me in them.

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